Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just tired

Too hot for the park today, even though I'd planned ahead and packed lunch. I worked with Lauren on her reading and workbooks. She carefully copied her letters, and read a 4-sentence story. "Play a game with me, Mama," she said.

Tired from waking in the wee hours again. Playgroups are good for socializing, but I always leave feeling more tired. One of the mommies announced she's pregnant (14 weeks) with her second child, so we talked animatedly about that - us three other mommies have second children all born within a week of each other.

Instead, she's playing Caribou by herself, narrating like a sportscaster. When Lindsay wakes up in about an hour and a half, we're heading to the pool.

Maybe it was the talk of school today that has me feeling tired and put out?

Or maybe the result of the 3-day break?

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