Sunday, July 15, 2007

But why won't she say Mama??!

Lindsay has just a handful of words so far. She says yes. She doesn't actually say no, but she shakes her head emphatically. She also indicates when she wants more. She says kitty [kiiiiy] and down [dun]. She has been saying Daddy [not Da or Dada] meaningfully for about 2 weeks. When my mom was visiting this week, she said "G.G." and indicated with a pointing finger that she wanted her grandmother. Today, she said Jack, the name of a 2 and a half year old friend.

I think I see a little twinkle in her eye that she doesn't say Mama. It's that same twinkle that she's taken a couple of steps that Alec has seen, and G.G. and Mimi saw, but not me.

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Anonymous said...

Second children can sometimes take longer to talk more because of an older sibling who answers for them. Try to have Lauren teach her to say "Mama"...