Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The blood tests that weren't

Lindsay has a prescription to have some routine bloodwork done, which she received at her 9-month well visit...yes, I know I just scheduled her 15-month well visit. I've been very slow getting to it. My friend Mary's son Ernie (you remember, Ernie - he shares his beverages) also needs bloodwork done, so Mary and I thought we'd take our 4 kids...that way the older ones could play in the waiting room while we braved taking the younger ones in.

We arrived in our separate cars, with 2 kids each, to discover the lab was empty (yay!) and two very nice techs were hanging out in the lobby. Of course, they had no pediatric needles. They aren't due to get any until later in the week. They called the Quest Diagnostic Lab in Somerset, which had the right needles.

"Well, let's head over there!" Mary said enthusiastically. "Since we went to all the effort of getting out. It's only about a 5 minute drive, anyway."

After the 5 minute drive, and a wrong turn resulting in a U-turn, I met Mary coming out of the second lab. "We're not going. That room was absolutely packed."

"Ah well." I replied. "Another time."

Instead we had a nice play date at Mary's, and a very yummy pasta lunch.

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