Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random pictures

Why else would you have a camera phone except to be able to take random pictures during the day to post to your blog? Today at soccer camp, it was picture day, so all the kids got team shirts. Here's the next Mia Hamm decked out in her gear...

Lauren at soccer camp, August 2007

Then, we went to DSW to find a new pair of black shoes for the black tie wedding we have to attend on Sunday. These are bad pictures, and really, cropped knit pants don't do much for flattering black pumps much...

I went with selection 2, even though they are a little higher than I would've liked. Alec is, well, Alec-sized, so a heel this high means we are about the same height. I love the style of the open-toed t-straps...very sexy...but the rhinestones made them look gaudy, I thought. They would've been okay with a simple black dress, but mine is pretty involved, with a black tulle sequenced overlay.

I want you to know that after trying on these shoes, I spent about 15 minutes in the public restroom cleaning poop off of a toilet with bathroom tissue and a hijacked can of spray labeled disinfectant. Oh, mommyhood is glamorous.

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The Plaid Sheep said...

I think you made the right choice. The second pair is much more elegant.