Saturday, August 11, 2007

Reason number 137

To say Alec has been on a marathon of travel lately is really to underestimate the number of cities he has logged in the past few weeks. At the end of August, he will have been home less than a handful of business days. Mostly, it's that time after dinner before we get into our bedtime routine that's hard here.

"I miss Daddy," Lauren says sadly, every night he's not here.

"Daddy," echoes Lindsay emphatically.

"I miss him too," I reply.

"I miss him so much," Lauren widens her eyes for effect, "that it makes my tummy hurt."

It struck me today that reason number 137 why I love this man so much is that he's so damn funny that things he did 15 years ago make me chuckle still. The memory was from Green Bay, Alec was watching the Olympic games on the small TV that's now in our bedroom perched atop the kitchen cart, sitting on the futon that Lauren now sleeps on. Among his favorite sports was the luge, and whenever it would come on, he'd imitate it, straightening himself sideways on the couch. When I refused to ride in tandem with him, he would ride with Seamus the cat, who didn't really think this was much fun, but loves Alec too much to struggle. The last Olympics, Alec announced he was going to have a new luge partner, and Lauren would be excited about it.

I don't doubt it.


Navilyn said...

I have to agree, sometimes I sit and just laugh to myself about things past...

Memories can be a wonderful thing...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Too funny! I can imagine how hard it is to be away from hubby on SO many levels. The fact "You knew what his job entailed..." can't make it any easier. Call anytime you need to be sure you can still talk to adults!