Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here I am

I keep meaning to sit down and write the story that goes along with all those pictures of my family that I shared this past week. We'll put a bookmark there and I'll get back to it.

My real life outside of blogging is pretty hectic these days. I realized now that we're 2 weeks until school starts that finding a babysitter was critical. I signed up for a service called Sitter City, which is an online database of babysitters indexed by area. You can either browse through those sitters, or post your own jobs and have the sitters send you their cover letters and resumes. My time this week has been largely consumed in sifting through electronic paperwork, and scheduling and conducting interviews. This became very critical since my mom is too sick to take care of my kids this weekend, my husband's family has a black tie wedding we're obligated to attend. Soccer camp is really the best thing Lauren's done all summer - I am thinking about signing her up for another week. It is, however, about a half hour away. The upside is it's 5 hours, so Lindsay and I have some alone time, and I have some quiet time.

I've hired a sitter for Saturday, who will be able to help me out with weekends during the school year. In addition to my regular course - this semester it's an ethics course about bio-medical issues - I'm taking a reading comprehension workshop in October. I read very fast, but often I have to read each chapter of text 3-4 times before I really understand key concepts. I'm hoping this class with help me hone my study skills so I can spend less time doing it.

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