Sunday, April 02, 2006

Biker Chick

We bought my daughter a pink and purple 20-inch two-wheeler for her 3rd birthday back in September. When we first got it, her legs weren't strong enough to pedal it unless she could get some downhill momentum going. As a result, taking a bike ride meant you pushed her around the block. Even at 5 feet flat (yeah, that's wearing shoes), I always finished with a crick in my back from bending over.

Lately, she has become a very strong rider, and easily zips two houses ahead of me on the sidewalk. Thirty-weeks along today, this leaves me huffing and puffing to catch up. Suddenly, she is riding fast enough that the No Brakes model we bought so she could easily learn to pedal seems like a foolish idea, though the bike is short enough that she can extend her feet to stop it if she needs to.

Looking back at those first few snapshots we took of her first ride, it just seems so long ago. It's amazing how quickly things have changed in just 6 months.

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