Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hey! It's play all day day!

I particularly relish the weekends, not only because we finally get to spend a couple of days with the man I married, but because it's an opportunity to hear all of my daughter's material tried out on another adult. Usually by Friday, her routine has gotten a little stale for she also appreciates being funny again instead of having her attempts at humor met with Mommy's sighs.

They decided they were going to go out together and tackle mowing the lawn and watering the garden. I'm sure my husband will tell me later there were at least a half dozen other things that needed taking care of outside...Babe, this is how I feel about you not being able to see toothpaste stains on the sink and dust on the furniture...

On the way out, my daughter chimed, "Hey! I've got to get my video phone."

My husband has perfected the not laughing response, so I hear a little wheeze. "We can't talk on the phone once I start the lawn mower. You won't be able to hear anything," he reasons.

"Yeah, but I might get an important call..." (echoing: reasons we have to find Mommy's cell phone before going on a walk)

"From whom?"

"Oh, you know. Blue. Nanny."

"Oh, right..." my husband replied. "You'd better go get it."