Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making it up to the cat children

Alright, they were being entirely too cute this here they are...
Every bit as unphotogenic as I'd promised. Seamus still hasn't gained back all the weight he lost when he escaped, so he's looking pretty svelte. Shannon is, of course, looking away from the camera. She's thinking, "If Mom House Ape gets any closer, I'm going to bolt". You can see that they are actually still wearing their little rainbow-colored collars with the yellow smiley faces that my daughter picked out for them. They are willing to put up with the tags with their names and my phone number.

My daughter and Jess (aka The Best Babysitter in the World) are coloring Easter eggs in the next room. The vinegary smell of Paas sure brings back childhood memories for me. They still have the punchout circles so you can set your drying eggs in them, and little plastic stickers to adorn the eggs. But we never had hats...damn, those are cute!
This evening, we're going to a seder. Hopefully I can come up with some activity to get us through the hour long pre-dinner service besides sneaking pickles, which was amusing enough last year. We'll see how it goes.

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