Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday night date

We actually got to go on a date last night! I know, I too am shocked and amazed!

Jess (aka the best babysitter in the world) played with our daughter and they carried out their plans to have Annie's Macaroni and Cheese for dinner and watched Shark Tale.

The husband and I had dinner at Chili's where they actually have some light fare suitable for your favorite gestational diabetic...I had the "guiltless" grill pita, which is sort of like a chicken fajita.

We stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought a kitchen scale (for weighing food) and a bathroom scale (for weighing people). We had a pretty good laugh trying out the scales, particularly since with my tummy, I couldn't actually see the numbers on any of them. Perfect!

We took in Thank You for Smoking which was short, and fairly hilarious. All the kids who came to the Regal Commerce for their student discount at the 8:20 PM show went to see Scary Movie 4, which was cool as far as we were meant that the dozen or so old married types were quietly enjoying the movie.

We got home around 10:15 PM to find it was just bedtime, and storytime was finished, so we kissed the little one before she fell asleep. Jess and Husband enjoyed Stoli O and tonic while I took in my evening snack.

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Delphi said...

How nice. It's just the thing to perk up a drooping spirit.

I was perusing 2@2 today. Very funny. Amazing to come across people more cynical and misanthropic than myself. (Very rare outside of retail.) I knew I there was a reason I liked them (aside from my fab site to be).