Monday, April 24, 2006

Hip Hop Cowboy

Let me preface this by saying, I have no idea what a Hip Hop Cowboy is. Or what my daughter thinks one is.

After bathtime this evening, my daughter emerged from her bedroom with ever item of clothing on backwards. That is, of the four items she'd put on: panties, undershirt, pajama top, and pajama pants, each had the tag in the front. The shirt was actually on inside out and backwards. Drawn to the sunhat on the rather large box in my room of nonmaternity clothes, she placed the straw hat on her head and began doing a little circle skipping dance while singing:
I'm the Hip Hop Cowboy
I'm the Hip Hop Cowboy
Everybody wants to be me
And really, how can you argue with that? Particularly with someone with her clothes on backwards...

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karen said...

For many reasons, at least one having to do with this very post, I can't wait until next Tuesday!