Saturday, November 25, 2006

The cat is out of the bag and the turkey is in the pot

Scene: Chez Stoll, in the kitchen. Lindsay is napping upstairs. Alec is making turkey soup. Lauren reads her name off of papers on the refrigerator. Heather is sitting on the foot stool near the dishwasher.

Alec (as cooking show host): I'll bet you're wondering how we're going to get the whole bird carcass into the pot?

Heather: Break it! Break the bird!

Alec: Oooh. Ouch. Tough crowd.

Alec realizes the only way to fit the carcass into the pot, and snaps the spine.

Heather: Oooh. Ouch.

Lauren: Mom, don't worry. The bird is dead. He didn't feel anything.

Lauren puts her hands on Heather's shoulders, as if to brace her.

Heather: Right. It's dead.

Lauren: Don't you know? It's been dead this whole time.


Bond said...

I see the sense of humor gene passed from your dad to you...
I love his stuff and you have now grabbed me - I shall be back

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Lauren got over thinking the turkey was a pet in the basement...

karen said...

Seriously - next year, gobbling & with feathers. Lauren's ready for the true "are you REALLY a meat-eater challenge." :)