Monday, November 20, 2006


...weighs in the day before she officially becomes half a year old at 13 pounds 10 ounces and 24 1/2 inches tall.

Lindsay discovered her ears last week, which aren't quite as fun as the toes she found 2 weeks ago, but they are sure a lot of fun to squish when you have a handful of pureed carrots. When I feed Lin, I punctuate her bites with "Mmm." For some reason, she punctuates them with "Grrr." Maybe I'm just sleep deprived, but it gets me every time.


karen said...

My girl! Living up to her Bricklet, with sound effects. You should stuff some carrots in your own ears. Maybe then "mmm" would sound like "grrr"?

Alec said...

I just got back from dinner with JD and KO. Steakhouse. Grrrrr

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Lindsay's a sinuous lioness on the prowl and those mushy carrots are her unwitting prey! Grrrr!