Monday, November 27, 2006


I belong to a couple of local Yahoo! lists because I thought it would be a convenient way of keeping up with the borough events. Occasionally, people ask questions about professional services. Last week, someone posted looking for an electrician. I thought, how fortuitous! Alec has been working on a project for the last several weeks and will shortly need to employ the services of an electrician.

Alec, building a walk-in closet in our bedroom

The master bedroom in our house is actually 2 rooms. Although the previous owners removed a wall, they didn't do much else. The room was too large and it had 2 smallish closets in 2 of the corners of the room. We decided shortly after moving in that it would make sense to take them down, since they were not built attractively, and build a single walk-in closet. Alec finished putting up the structure of the walls this weekend and placing the outlets. He still needs to run some wiring, but before the drywall can go up, he will need to hire an electrician to patch the new wiring into the circuit, and remove the now oddly placed light fixture from the former first bedroom.

Neither of us know why there was wood paneling on that wall. The unpainted part of it is where my closet used to be. No, we don't know either why the closet was 6-feet tall. It's just an example of the "creative" contruction done by the former owners.

So, someone had posted to the list a week or so ago looking for an electrician and 2 recommendations were made. For some reason, people replied with just names, no contact information. And one of the names is spelled incorrectly. I thought, they must be listed in the yellow pages. Of course not. How entirely useless is that?


Delphi said...

Does the electrician have to be from Jersey? I can ask Francoise for a recommendation if you like.

Alec said...

Thanks Sybil, no need. It's a very small job. We just need to find someone local looking to make a hundred dollars or so in his free time.