Thursday, May 04, 2006

And in other Mommy news

We went to the Twos 'N' Threes program today at the public library. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get ready for's advertised as a story hour.

Unfortunately, the program mostly caters to the Twos. There were 2 stories read, which were OK. They were mostly simple sentences per page. There was about 20 minutes of singing, followed by a craft project. One of the other Moms called this "Mommy and Me" which is closer to what's going on - this program is NOT about peer interaction. *sigh* My daughter seemed to like it, though it was so far below the activities that we usually do, I will be shocked if it holds her interest for the full 4 weeks.

The "teacher" was OK. She was good at getting the kids to interact with her, and mostly kept their interest through the stories. She was better at the songs, and the craft time was really about the Mommy's being artsy. The theme today was elephants, so we made paper bag puppets that looked like elephants out of paper plates, felt, eyes, and popsicle sticks. Ours looked a little anemic.

There was only one kid close to my daughter's age, and her Mom hadn't been to the library before so she kept asking questions about the books at the library and how you check them out. Her daughter apparently misses the Pre-K cut off and so she won't enter in the fall.

Well, I have the Pre-K orientation later, so hopefully that will be a more positive experience...

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