Friday, May 19, 2006

Haven't had the baby yet...

Thanks to those who sent cute email, IMs, or made funny phone calls this week. I really needed that!

The news is...there's no news really. We're in a holding pattern where I have random contractions and don't sleep. I have a major case of the grumps today, this being the 6th straight day of same old same old.

My daughter is on her way to Haverhill for THE BIG WEDDING, and she is very excited. It's still mostly about cake, but hey. I'm sure Ben and Maria are also excited about cake. Oh and dancing! Dancing is fun too.

I tried to get my daughter to taunt my dad about the Yankees. I really have no idea why. Lauren can only identify the sport of baseball about 6 times out of 10, and hasn't even a dim idea of the teams involved. I spent a couple of hours working on "So, how 'bout them Yankees?" and then tried simply "Go Mets!" I suspect he's going to get some sort of muddled greeting like "Hey, Grampie! Mom says you met a yankee", which he's likely not to understand at all. Piffle. Two was a lot better for sending parrot messages.

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