Friday, May 12, 2006


My daughter and I made a birthday card and printed some pictures for a 3-part frame for Jess' (aka The Best Babysitter in the World) birthday. We used black construction paper, stick on letters, and wrote her message in white crayon.

In the middle of our craft project, the Peapod delivery arrived. My daughter greeted the deliverywoman at the door with cheers of "Go, Peapod Lady!"

As she brought the groceries into the house, she began talking about a mile a minute. "We're making a card and printing pictures for Jess' birthday."

"Oh, really?" said the woman, as she carried the 8 plastic bags into the kitchen and set them on the floor.

"Yep. Well, you know, Jess is my babysitter. And her birthday party is tomorrow."

The woman laughed. "You always get a life story at this age," she said to me.

"True enough," I replied.

"Jess will be here at noon," my daughter added, ignoring our talking over her.


WTIT said...

My only surprise is that the Pepod Lady was not ivited to the celebration...

Epiphany Alone said...

She would've been invited if we made cake.