Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She said She said

I got the over-the-reading-glasses glowering look over the positive ketones noted in my diabetes test tracking. Ann, my dietician, reminds me a little bit of my Gramma Jean. Well, I guess she reminds me of my Gramma Jean when I was growing up...Ann's probably in her early 60s. She has beautiful, impossibly smooth peaches and cream skin. Seriously. I have more wrinkles at 31. Ann said I have to eat more for evening snack and have my dinner earlier. I am disappointed that we won't be able to have our family dinners for the next several weeks. If I have to eat at 6:30, and my husband doesn't get home from work until 7:15, it's just not happening.

Karen and I had our nails done today. I feel so girly. The color I chose was called Italian Love Affair. My daughter decided it looks like Pink Pink You Stink. Of course, she said that after I disappointed her by saying I didn't actually have the nail polish to put on her nails because "please please, Mommy! Pink is my favorite color..."

She spent the afternoon playing with Karen's youngest son. Before bedtime, we read a book about Pooh and another about Piglet. The story about Piglet says "Piglet is a very good friend".

My daughter interrupted the story, "I am a very good friend too."

"Oh," I replied. "What makes a very good friend?"

"I am a good friend because I play fair. And I listen. And I'm nice." she piped up.

"Yep, those sound like things that make a good friend."

"Okay, Mom, you can finish the story..."

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