Thursday, May 25, 2006

Animal games

As you know, Lauren spent most of last week with G. Although you usually get her funny/random/poignant observation of the day, even I forget sometimes what a delightful little person she is.

My mom told me that Lauren likes to play a game she calls "Animals that can eat people". Though there were 4 of us, and mom spent a lot of time around her younger cousins, and with her niece and nephew, she hadn't heard of the game where you discuss different creatures that consume human flesh. Her initial reaction was to try and find less morbid animal facts to discuss, but Lauren was persistant.

"Come on, G. How about alligators?"

"Sure," she said, looking a little pale.

"And sharks! Think about those big teeth!" she offered.

Somehow I doubt these facts are from Go, Diego, Go! The other source of animal facts is her Leapfrog Globe, which is more believable to me that one of the facts of the great white is that it's a man eater. Geez. What were they thinking?

Oh, I know. I'll take "Ways to shock and amuse the grandparents" for $100, Alex...

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