Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bad mommy

We continue our bad mommy theme this week, where Lauren and I discuss that it's time for her to get herself dressed and undressed. Everytime we have this conversation, it leads many tears and much screaming.

Finally today, after the megatantrum, I helped her get dressed. But I will admit, I was annoyed with the precious little urchin. I dressed her in matching clothes because I knew that would rile up her Virgo sense of style. When she gave me a dirty look for making her look like Barney the Dinosaur, I replied, "Well, maybe next time you'll get yourself dressed like I asked you to..."
"I can't get myself dressed, Mommy."

"You can so get yourself dressed, Lauren. But if you decide not to, I hope you like what you're wearing, because you'll be wearing it a very long time."

She wrinkled her nose.

"And it will start to smell..."

"Oh Mommy."


Delphi said...

Ah, aversion therapy. Nice.

karen said...

Mean! So mean to dress her as Barney! If you like, I can bring over some fantastic selections from the boys' outgrown stuff...really nice clothes, but BOY clothes. :)