Thursday, August 24, 2006

N-O spells no

Lauren has learned to spell a couple of words in the past week. She apparently learned to spell no at Nanny's house when she stayed overnight 3 weeks ago. I can't really imagine what the application of that was, however, its result is that every time she sees a traffic sign with "No" on it, she says "N-O spells no". And I usually say, "Yes. And that sign says 'No parking when road is snow covered' or 'No left turn'." She has learned her left from her right with the practice of talking about it every time we put on her sneakers, and so now she recognizes that an arrow to the left inside a red circle with a slash through it means 'No left turn'.

After a couple of days ruminating over a particularly annoying email from everyone's favorite stepmom-in-law, I finally managed to say no in a firm, but polite reply. I received a call from her today. She actually did not bring up the event in question that I said no to attending in a firm, but polite way, which was what I expected. But complained about the last line of the email where I refused to let Lauren stay at her house the weekend preceding my birthday because that was when we planned to celebrate as a family.

Says she, "I can't believe your stinkin' (not the actual word used) birthday is that weekend. And why your kids have to be there for it is just beyond me...and..."

"I was here first." I said simply.

"Well, there is no need to get snippy."

N-o spells no, I thought. But said, "No, you're right. I'm sorry if I seemed snippy."

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