Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two cute

Our nighttime routine is we three take a bath together. Lindsay gets washed up first, and then Lauren. When Lauren is done washing, Lindsay and I get out so Lauren can play for 10 minutes. Lindsay gets a baby massage with lavendar baby lotion and jammied up.

Then Lauren gets out and gets jammied up. She brushes her teeth, and has her fluoride.

Depending on the time, we then read between 1 and 4 stories of Lauren's choosing. Since she recently received a dozen Dr Seuss books from Scholastic, often it's one of those. Tonight it was Eric Carle's The Grumpy Ladybug, then 2 Dr Seuss books: The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who.

By the time the Wickersham family were trying to rope up Horton and put him in a cage, both girls were snoozing. I finished the book and tucked Lindsay into her crib, then came back in to Lauren's room to turn off her light and on her fan. Besides the excitement with the 3 police cruisers, the fire chief, and one lone engine at our house, our day was pretty quiet, but apparently enough to tucker those girls right out.


karen said...

The boys would have been over the moon about a REAL fire truck coming to the house...was Lauren at all thrilled? Or was it just awful to be stuck out in the rain while you waited for the house to burn down before you? What are you up to on Friday? We might need coffee...

Epiphany Alone said...

Lauren was pretty excited, but modulated about it. We looked at all the shiny tools on the firetruck (which in HP are pretty new) and talked about fire safety. And how, in accordance with fire safety, we smelled smoke and left the house.

It was fortunately not raining very hard during this, and they arrived within a few minutes are were gone about 10 minutes later.

We'll be around on Friday. :) Coffee sounds good.