Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Excuse me, it's pronounced Dooo-mas

We had a visit today from the very fast and diligent HPPD today after Lady Epiphany aka Mrs Dumbass ran the dishwasher. I threw an empty pitcher of iced tea in there without checking to see if the tea bags were out of it. During the dry cycle, one of them started smoldering on the heating coil.

I went into the kitchen to look for smoke, and realized it was the running dishwasher. I turned it off, grabbed my kids and my cellphone and stepped outside to call 911. Verizon emergency was much better at getting me connected to the local dispatch than either of our previous carriers, however, I did have the advantage of knowing what town I was in at the time and being able to provide a street address.

Three police cruisers arrived about 2 minutes after I was connected to their dispatch. The fire chief followed, but at that point, the police officers had located the smokey teabag and took it out of the house with a pair of kitchen tongs.

So the whole escapade took about 15 minutes and fortunately, none of my immediate neighbors were home so they didn't get to see the spectacle.


WTIT said...

Time to switch back to coffee...

karen said...

OMG! I'm SO glad you guys (and the house) are ok!!

...that said, you won't mind if we giggle about it later? With you, of course, not at you. I'll tell you the tale of my coming home one day in our last house to find a note from our town FD tacked up on my refrigerator...so you can laugh at us, too.