Saturday, August 12, 2006

The little lion roared

Lauren is staying with her Poppy and Nanny this weekend. We spend all week looking forward to a little quiet time, and then spend the entire time she's gone talking about how much we miss her.

We managed to venture out early this morning to some garage sales, and then realized what we really need to do is have a garage sale, not buy stuff at one. So we both got our hair cut, and we came home and lugged all of our sellable stuff into the sun porch. We didn't manage to sort through our books yet or Lauren's toys, because it is the sort of task that after a couple of hours, you're completely exhausted.

We're trying to stay up long enough for Jess to arrive to watch Lindsay so we can enjoy our dinner at Nova Terra in New Brunswick. I'm glad we weren't planning dinner and a movie tonight, because I don't think we'd make it.

Lauren is due to return tomorrow morning at 11 AM.

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