Sunday, August 06, 2006

From James and Claire's going away party

A few photos from my brother James' going away party. He and his girlfriend, Claire, leave in 8 days for San Diego.Dad and Lindsay, after their marathon feeding session.

Alec, my brother James, and James' friend Brian enjoying the Yuka-Yuka. A bottle of Kettle One infused with several lemons and limes and left to ferment overnight with a half box of sugar. The resulting lemontini was passed and enjoyed, and Yuka-Yuka-Yuka chanted as the mix was shaken vigorously. It's Alec's turn in this shot.
Lauren playing Hide-and-Seek with G

My sister Juliana and Claire's brother Neil


James of Fish said...

btw - neil is claire's bro

chion has pictures of the party
lots of Lauren
(psst pass it on)

Epiphany Alone said...

Chion's pictures are fabulous.

Neil is also discussed in Dad's post called
>It Barks like a Chicken
. From what I overheard Anya barks like a chicken and everybody hates Phoebe.

Dad said...

The names not-withstanding, how can anything "Bark Like a Chicken". Can a chicken "crow like a dog?"